The Fast Start Guide To Earn Massive Tron Daily

What you are going to learn is how to work 2 programs to your advantage and make daily income up to $1000. I was shown this exact way and now I am passing on the knowledge that was given to me, unto you. And as long as you follow these exact same steps you will see that there is really no limit to how much money you can earn without coming out of your pocket with little to no money at all.

First you will learn about Tron Xtreme (TronX) and how to use it to finance T2X Token and any other website of your choosing. We have made it so your can use TronX as a feeder program because of it's unique compensation plan that allows you to earn from every member of your network in any given matrix that you currently own. This makes it a very powerful viral site that has already paid out thousands of Tron(TRX) to our members. And we have much much more paying out to do!

What Is Tron Xtreme?

Simply put, Tron Xtreme is an advertising site used as a feeder program for those websites the use Tron(TRX). It has an enhanced compensation plan built into it's affiliate program in order to provide maximum income growth for each member that participates. It was founded to be a great supplier to financial programs like Rev Shares, Staking, Smart Contracts, and much more. It also has a low entry starting point of 275trx (about $7.30) with massive ease of duplication by referring just 2 people to the program. This is one of the most powerful feeder programs online today!

Benefits Include (but not limited to):

  • Quality Advertising
  • Low Start Cost
  • One Time Payment Lifetime Membership
  • PIF Options
  • Massive ReEntries
  • Team Forced Spillover/Spillunder
  • Referral Signup Bonus
  • Weekly/Monthly Top Referrer Awards
  • And Much More!

How To Register For Tron Xtreme?

  1. Click the button below to join. On the registration page make sure your sponsor's name appears in the sponsor's position. You will need your Tron (Receiving) address for registration. We also ask that you use a gmail email to register as other services have deliverability issues. (ie. hotmail, aol, yahoo).

  2. Once registration has been completed log into your gmail email and click on the link in the confirmation letter to confirm your email.

  3. After you have confirmed your email you will be prompted to pay. Simply click on the coinpayments button on that page. (if being PIF'd - skip this part and just contact your sponsor)

  4. After pressing the payment button you will then 'Select Method Of Payment' by pressing the Tron(TRX) button and entering your email, first name, and last name

  5. Next you will be taken to the final payment page where you will have 2hours to complete payment before it times out. Copy the Tron address under the Qcode, login to your tron wallet and send 275trx to the address your copied.
    Do Not Close The Payment Page

  6. After you have sent the payment, wait for payment page says 'Paid' and then click 'Return To Sellers Store'

  7. When you have received the Welcome Email to the first level, your payment is then complete and you may log in.

What Is T2X Token?

The T2X Protocol allows you to Stake your T2X tokens within the Staking Portal, in order to earn daily interest. Stakers are rewarded TRX tokens from the daily Lobbies based off the percentage of total tokens being Staked. Everyday 95% of the previous day’s TRX that was spent in the Auction Lobby is be pooled and allocated to users based upon their completed stake terms. The T2X Staking Dapp Makes It Easy To Start Earning T2X plus TRX Dividends.

How To Register For T2X Token?

  1. Download Wallet Chrome Extension using Google Chrome. (CLICK HERE)

  2. Buy/Send Tron to your wallet.
    Use Simple Swap Exchange Below and buy using any cryptocurrency.
    (Important) Make sure to use your Tron Receiving address.

  3. While logged into your wallet, or using the Dapp browser on your Tron wallet on your phone click, the button below to register so you can claim your 5% sign up bonus.

  4. Enter your Tron(TRX) into the Auction Lobby tab to convert Tron to T2X. (conversion happens when the day ends. 8pm eastern)

  5. Collect your T2X when the Timer in the right hand corner of the back office has ended.

  6. Stake Your T2X - always leave a little Tron(trx) in your tronlink wallet for transaction fees.

  7. In your Tronlink wallet settings change your node to "mainnet (tronstack)".

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